Come - Create - Communicate


We hold a variety of events that celebrate the arts community. The "CROOKED SPIRE" Urban Coffee and Art House is a meeting place for aspiring and established artists in all fields of artistry. There is always works of art for sale and special creations on our walls for all to enjoy.

We craft spaces for the arts community to come and create together. Through holding relevant effective workshops, creating live affordable media and audio recordings, generating special events for local and larger performances in our state of the art auditorium, facilitating organic jam sessions for musicians, plus producing lessons for budding artists; it is our intention to continue our time-honoured tradition of working closely with the arts community. Immerse yourself in the Creative Innovative "CROOKED SPIRE" space, it may surprise you!

Check out the EXPRESSIONS page to see some of the artists that have been part of our journey.

Check out some pics of our crooked christmas event...

Steve Browne - The Monster Master at work

 Steve Browne with G Centre CEO Andrew Schaper

Ariel Kazir - Toothless work in progress

Ariel Kazir - Toothless complete

Collage of the 'After Before Party' (After Christmas and Before New Year) HUGE thanks to LIVE Street Artists D.E.B.T. and RLSM

G Centre 'Crooked Spire' Art Emersion

Come - Create - Communicate