A Place where Communities Converge


71 Victoria Street, MIDLAND WA 6056 Australia

"CROOKED SPIRE" is an Urban Coffee and Art House 

We feature award winning Yahava for the Coffee Connoisseur which is the entrepreneurs and artisan’s elixir. While you are being revitalized and energized your surroundings will be inspiring as you are immersed in the arts. From what's on the walls to pieces commissioned for sale you will be visually inspired to innovate and create. Add to the this the ambience of live audio and media recordings, artistic workshops and the spoken word happening all around you, and you are sure to get the creative juices flowing. It's an experience and you simply have to immerse yourself in it to encounter its power.

Grab your Coffee or other refreshment, a light snack, put your PC/Mac Tablet or Smartphone on charge, connect to the free WiFi, and let your imagination and creativity take you where only you can go.

The Crooked Spire is a unique urban hip and inspiring place to be.

The name is inspired by one of the most unique accidental works of art in the world. The Crooked Spire in Chesterfield is on a church in the middle of the county where Chesterfield Couches were born. The spire was added to the 14th century tower in about 1362. It is both twisted and leaning, twisting 45 degrees and leaning 9 feet 6 inches (2.90 m) from its true centre. The leaning characteristic was suspected to be the result of insufficient cross-bracing, the use of unseasoned timber and by the lead that covers the spire. The lead causes this twisting phenomenon, because when the sun shines during the day the south side of the tower heats up, causing the lead there to expand at a greater rate than that of the north side of the tower, resulting in unequal expansion and contraction. This was compounded by the weight of the lead (approx. 33 tons).

See actual pictures taken by our CEO below.

It’s an accidental unique work of art that acts as a reminder to our inner-artisan that we all have something to contribute to the work of art that is life and that at times the most profound works of art are not done with great design but created through the process of time and elements beyond our control.